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Elaine Cox is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work is based on observations and explorations of the matter and forms of landscape. Drawings and collected visual research are distilled, refined and translated into paintings, collages and jewellery through an  experimental and intuitive use of textures, colours and materials. 

The carefully considered forms of Elaine's jewellery possess a powerful sculptural aesthetic. Silver and gold are the principle materials used, either on their own or with precious and non-precious materials. Rough stones encrusted with dirt or salt, or 'poor', humble materials such as stripped paint, steel wool and wood are often used. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, calcite, galena and haematite are all used in a raw, crushed or un-polished state, celebrating the natural matter and surfaces of the Earth, and evoking geology and archaeology. 

Elaine was born in London and studied at St Martins School of Art, graduating in 1985. Her work has been exhibited  internationally, showcased in prestigious galleries including Alternatives Gallery - Rome; Galerie Slavik - Vienna; Gallerie Isabella Hund - Munich; Museum of Art and Design - New York; Design Yard -Dublin; Goldsmiths Fair - London; Joya - Barcelona; Bircham Gallery - Holt; Roger Billcliffe Gallery - Glasgow and Lesley Craze Gallery - London. Her work is well known amongst discerning collectors worldwide and has featured in numerous publications.



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